MAC Tri Axle Stepframe Flat Gp16 4 Axle Stepframe Low Loader Strongman 3 Axle Platform Flat Ull Tandem Low Loader MAC Custom Build Caravan Carrier MAC 3 Axle Platform Flat Extender 3 Axle Stepframe Low Loader Extender 3 Axle Low Loader Ultra Low Mac 3 Axle Platform Flat CAT 2 Stepframe Low Loader
Agricultural Trailers
McCauley Agricultural trailers are widely used in the farming and construction industries to transport machinery, equipment and aggregates. The range includes Low Loaders,Dump Trailers, Flatbed/Bale Trailers and various farming equipment.
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Commercial Trailers
MAC is the commercial brand of McCauley Trailers and includes a range of trailers widely used to transport large items of plant and machinery in construction companies, utility contractors and heavy haulage firms across the UK, Ireland and Europe. The range includes 2,3,4 & 5 Axle Step frame Low Loaders, 2, 3 & 4 Axle Platform Trailers, 2 & 3 Axle Drawbar Low Loaders, 2 & 3 Axle Drawbar Flatbeds, 2,3 & 4 Axle Turntable Low Loaders, 2, 3 & 4 Axle Turntable Platform Flats and 2 & 3 Axle Skip Trailers.
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Used Trailers
We offer our customers competitive trade-in deal options. We advise customers to keep checking our used stock list as it is updated frequently.
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About McCauley Trailers

As Northern Ireland’s longest established trailer manufacturer, McCauley Trailers are market leading manufacturers of high quality, cost effective Agricultural & Commercial Trailers, as well as suppliers of trailer parts for all trailer makes & models.

With over 60 years experience in trailer manufacturing, our in-house design team specialise in trailer customisation to suit individual requirements and work closely with customers to supply the exact products required.

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4th October 2018
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4th October 2018
Latest Testimonial
Drysdales Milnathort Ltd

This is the second low loader of McCauley's we have purchased. We received our new McCauley just earlier this year and we are delighted with it. 

Mark Drysdale, Drysdales Milnathort Ltd
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