MAC Trailers is the brand name of McCauley Trailers Ltd, encompassing the company’s agricultural, commercial and bodies range. Since establishing in 1955, McCauley Trailers Ltd has evolved from manufacturing livestock trailers, plant trailers and bespoke made to order trailers to producing one of the largest ranges of trailers available for commercial and agricultural vehicles.

Today, McCauley Trailers Ltd has established itself as a specialist in trailer design and fabrication. The company has invested substantial resources in research, development and product innovation. We supply trailers to a wide range of companies in the industries of agriculture, construction, forestry, waste handling, quarrying, transportation and public utilities.

McCauley Trailers Ltd has an international market presence in more than 16 countries. Since beginning exporting in 2004, the company has experienced considerable growth in export markets and has successfully set up partners in Finland, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Australia, America, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Belarus, Estonia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Iceland, and Cyprus.

A brief history of the company is provided below:


McCauley Trailers was founded in 1955 where the company manufactured car plant trailers, livestock trailers and a wide range of bespoke trailers from their facilities in Co. Antrim.


The current management purchased McCauley Trailers in 1986 and began to manufacture agricultural trailers.


McCauley Trailers moved to its current location; a 4 acre site in Gloverstown Road, Toomebridge, Co. Antrim.


McCauley Trailers started to manufacture lorry drawn trailers for the transportation of plant, machinery and materials. These trailers are widely used in the construction and plant industries, the commercial transport market and the recycling and waste industry.

McCauley Trailers started to supply trailers to local authorities including Northern Ireland Electricity, Department of the Environment, Road Service NI and NI Water Service.


McCauley Trailers began to brand their commercial trailers under the brand name MAC Trailers.


McCauley Trailers opened its new factory which comes complete with the most contemporary machines and facilities available, along with dedicated paint booths and an in-house service bay.


McCauley Trailers Ltd started exporting their trailers to Europe. The company now has a market presence in over 16 countries and exports both their commercial and agricultural ranges.


McCauley Trailers Ltd acquire local firm Slemish Trailers in May 2009 and as a result now provide one of the widest range of trailers for machinery and materials transportation. The acquisition included the purchase of a plasma cutter meaning that McCauley Trailers can now manufacture beams in-house. The entire design and manufacturing process of all trailers in now under McCauley Trailer Ltd’s direct control ensuring a build quality that can be rigorously maintained.


Having experienced considerable growth in the past 10 years, particularly within Europe, McCauley Trailers Ltd now manufacture trailers under a new MAC Trailers brand. The companies range presently includes Agricultural Trailers, Commercial Trailers, Truck Bodies and Bespoke Trailers.


In September 2011 McCauley Trailers was awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certificate of approval. ISO 9001 is a symbol of industry excellence which rewards companies for implementing a controlled and regulated quality management system.


McCauley Trailer Low Loaders and Dump Trailers passed the French Government tests and were granted French Road Certification.


McCauley Trailers Ltd obtained European Whole Vehicle Type Approval for it's Commercial MAC branded trailers. This is a system allowing a vehicle design to be "type approved" for sale, registration and entry into service across all member states in the EU without the need for further testing in each country. This process provides a mechanism for ensuring that vehicles meet relevant European environmental, safety and security standards. Each trailer is issued with a Certificate of Conformity and is ready to register in each European member state.


McCauley Trailers expanded factory facilities at Toombridge, Co. Antrim

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