MAC Trailers is the brand name of McCauley Trailers Ltd, encompassing the company’s agricultural, commercial and bodies range. Established in 1955, McCauley Trailers Ltd has undergone a transformation from initially manufacturing livestock and plant trailers, as well as tailoring bespoke made to order trailers, to becoming a key player in the commercial and agricultural trailer market, producing one of the largest ranges of trailers available.

Today, McCauley Trailers Ltd stands out as a specialist in the design and fabrication of trailers. The company has dedicated substantial resources to research, development, and innovative product creation. Their clientele spans a wide array of industries, including agriculture, construction, forestry, waste management, quarrying, transportation, and public utilities.

McCauley Trailers Ltd has an international market presence in over 16 countries. Since initiating their export efforts in 2004, the company has seen remarkable growth in export markets, successfully establishing partnerships in countries such as Finland, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Australia, America, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Belarus, Estonia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Iceland, and Cyprus.


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