Field Days Fun: McCauley Dealers Attend Agri Shows

5th March 2024


Spring doesn't only bring the lambs, it brings plenty of agricultural shows for our dealers to attend! This year kicked off with the Balmoral Fibrus Spring Farm Machinery Show on Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25th January at the Eikon Exhibition Centre, with our dealer taking a high spec McCauley 3A Ultra Low Loader and our GP17 Ultimate Edition Dump Trailer.


Then came the West Country Farming & Machinery Show on Wednesday 21st of February in Westpoint Exeter, with our dealer bringing along another of our 3A ULLT (if you can't tell already, it's a very popular trailer of ours!).

Our dealer was quoted saying, "What a busy day it was too! Great to see so many past, current and hopefully future customers today. The McCauley 3A ULLT certainly caused a lot of interest!" - always great to hear positive feedback from the shows!


Next up, our dealers brought out the big guns for the Royal Northern Spring Show on Wednesday 28th February. Not one, but a dynamic duo of 16ft + 18ft 2A ULLTs, accompanied by our impressive 27ft Bale Trailer, took the spotlight.

Watch The Full Video HERE showcasing our McCauley Trailers in their prime before they headed out the gate and off to the show!


It is sure to be a busy year ahead for shows! Make sure to keep an make sure to keep an eye out for McCauley Trailers at any future shows!

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tiktok_1x.png Royal Northern Spring Show Bound!

tiktok_1x.png Off to the Fibrus Spring Farm Machinery Show

tiktok_1x.png One Final Look Before Heading to Lisburn

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