High Spec 3A ULLT off to Long-Standing Happy Customer!

13th November 2023


McCauley Trailers bid farewell to our latest 3A ULLT as it headed off with our valued repeat customer. We are proud of this high spec Ultra Low Loader and our customer was delighted with how it turned out! Let's talk about what makes this trailer a reliable workhorse.


This trailer provides solid support for cargo with the high strength alloy bucket stops ensuring the 3A ULLT can handle the load with stability, as well as the machine stoppers ensuring cargo stays put.

Get enhanced control with the rear steer and locking system. Providing effective storage solutions with the lockable storage box, finished in black powder coating - along with the additional central storage/saw box. Read on to see the list of features included in this trailer!


As you may have already seen from our Full Feature Video on Facebook, this trailer includes many staples and add-ons such as:

  • Central Suspension Greasing Points
  • Commercial Style Spray Suppression Infills
  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Outriggers
  • Swivel Lashing Points
  • 10T Central Tying Points
  • Front + Rear Adjustable Wide Marker Boards
  • Tractor Controlled Axle Lift
  • Auto Lowering Rear Lift Axle
  • Speed Controlling Self Levelling Air Suspension
  • Raise Lower Height Adjustment

...the list goes on! We would like to thank our customer for returning with another order, and we wish him all the best with his trailer! Always a good sign when you get repeat business!

Here at McCauley's we take pride in delivering high quality, bespoke made-to-order trailers. If you are interested in our trailers be sure to contact us on:

  • info@mccauleys.co.uk
  • 02879659191

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