Introducing the New Model Drawbar Low Loader

16th February 2024


Taking our trailers to the next level with our New Model Drawbar Low Loaders! A lot of effort and thought has been put into the redesign of these trailers to ensure they provide strength, reliability and of course look easy on the eye!


Some of the fantastic features that this new model includes are:

🔹 New Model Chime w/EU44 Side Raves: This new model chime and EU44 side raves contribute to the sleek design and modern finish - because you don't want an outdated model - roll with the times with our new Drawbar Low Loader look!

🔹Swivel D-Rings: Say goodbye to the hassle of securing your load. Our new model comes equipped with a chime featuring Swivel D-Rings – making the tie-down process a breeze. Efficiency, meet innovation!

🔹 Wheel Infills: We believe in keeping it sleek. The wheel infills not only add a touch of style but also protect your precious cargo from road debris. Because why choose between aesthetics and practicality when you can have both?

🔹 Hydraulic Slide Ramps: Loading and unloading just got a whole lot smoother. The hydraulic slide ramps make the process as easy as pie, saving you time and effort on the job.

🔹 Available w/ Flip Toe Ramps: Options are the spice of life! Our Drawbar Low Loader is available with Flip Toe Ramps, providing you with flexibility tailored to your specific hauling needs.


Ready to Roll: Enquiring minds, this is your cue! Dial ☎️ 02879659191 or shoot us an email at 📧 to get the scoop on how the Drawbar Low Loader can elevate your transportation game.

The roads are calling, and so is innovation! The All-New Drawbar Low Loader is more than just a piece of machinery; it's a game-changer for the haulage industry. Whether you're in it for the cargo-securing D-Rings, the convenience of Hydraulic Slide Ramps, or the flexibility of Flip Toe Ramps – we've got it all. Ready to take your hauls to the next level? Enquire today and let's hit the road! 🛣️ #NewInnovation #DrawbarLowLoader

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