Commercial Trailers

MAC's range of Commercial Trailers or Commercial Vehicles are manufactured by McCauley Trailers Ltd to suit the specific needs of the customer whilst ensuring the most efficient and economic mode of transportation available.

Individual requirements for our Commercial Trailers & Commercial Vehicles are reviewed in-house and a range of options such as ramp combinations and tying points ensure the trailer supplied meets the requirements of the customer.

All of MAC's Commercial Trailers & Commercial Vehicles are built with brand new parts and meet all EU and exporting regulations.

EU44T Stepframe Low Loader  
The EU44T Stepframe Low Loader is the latest product developed by our expert in house engineering team and manufactured using our 70 years’ experience in building trailers.
Stepframe Low Loaders  
The hauling capacity of MACs Stepframe Low Loaders makes them suitable for the transportation of heavy plant, equipment and machinery from 20 to 80 tonnes.
Platform Trailers  
MAC Semi Platform Trailers are ideal for use in the haulage industry for general heavy haulage and specialist transportation. Standard models include the 44 tonnes tri axle platform and extendable platform.
Drawbar Low Loaders  
MAC Drawbar Low Loaders are one of the companies best selling ranges and are widely used by construction companies, roads servicing and utility contractors to transport plant and machinery.
Drawbar Flatbed Trailers  
The MAC Drawbar Flatbed Range is used in the construction, waste and transportation industries for the efficient transportation of materials and equipment. Includes Container Carriers, Brick & Block Trailers and Hay & Straw Trailers.
Hay & Straw Trailers  
MAC Commercial Drawbar Hay & Straw Bale Trailers are widely used by agricultural contractors, hay and straw merchants and farmers for the efficient transportation of hay and straw bales and equipment.
Turntable Trailers  
Turntable trailers are popular in Europe and as a result MAC Trailers have developed a range of Turntable Low Loaders & Flatbed Trailers to be towed behind Lorries.
5.5T Machinery Carriers  
The MAC 5.5T Machinery Carrier is ideal for the transportation of small equipment.
Box Van Trailers  
MAC Box Van Trailers are designed in house and are manufactured with e-marked components, supplied from reputable companies within the UK.
MACs extensive range of commercial trailers is just part of what we can offer our customers.