Trailer Design

With our in-house design team we use 3D Computer Aided Design to provide a one stop shop for trailer design and fabrication whilst giving customers a realistic virtual look at what the final product will be like. We specialise in the manufacture of bespoke trailers to suit individual requirements and are happy to speak to customers about specific needs they may have.

Quality Products Guaranteed

To ensure corrosion prevention on all trailers, McCauley Trailers has implemented a rigid process to enhance the trailers’ inherent durability and strength. All trailers are cleaned, de-greased and sand blasted prior to painting in single-pack McCauley red. Alternative colours are available on request in commercial single and 2 pack paint.

At the Forefront Of Innovation

McCauley Trailers are at the forefront of product innovation with continuous research and development being carried out on an ongoing basis. We aim to exceed customer expectations in quality and cost through persistent modernisation of our product range in an effort to meet the demands of the changing environments our customers operate within.

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