PDI Checksheet

In order to validate warranty, the following Dealer Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) checklist must be completed and returned to McCauley Trailers.

For each item identified below, mark each relevant box when the check has been completed.

Once Inspection Sheet has been completed, ensure signature and date has been filled out and save a copy for your own records

Check Hitch Height and ensure when trailer is hooked on bed height has a MAXIMUM of 20mm height difference from front to rear
Are all Tow Eye / King Pin bolt tight?
Check ALL Light Functions are working
Check Brakes are Functioning correctly, ensure cylinders are retracting fully to the off position, wheels should move freely without brake binding
Ensure handbrake is working and cable has been reconnected after delivery
Ensure any linkage bars for Air suspension and load sensing valves or compensation bars (spring suspension) have been reconnected
Check Tyre Pressures are correct. (contact main office if in doubt)
Check wheels nuts are tight
Ensure Ramps can be lifted and lowered without ground interference once trailer is safely coupled to Prime Mover (spring ramps)
Check Oil level in Hydraulic Pump
Tip body to maximum height, raise and lower back door to extremities.
Connect Power source to pump, ensure ramps can be raised and lowered to the ground via spool valve
When Ramps are lowered, remove pin from drop down stool support and move to the lowest position. Once pin is replaced, dump air from suspension and ensure stool touches the ground for loading.
Slide Ramps in and out (not necessary on manual slide system)
Check system for Oil leaks including brake cylinders, rams, connections and spool valve
Ensure Lift axle is operating (If Automatic; Turn ON ignition and axle should lift, turn off and axle will Lower)
Ensure there is no Trailer warning lights on your dash
Ensure Paint is free from post delivery blemishes
Check toolbox door opens freely
Complete a Visual Check and wipe down outsides
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